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Why I LIke Dick Cheney March 15, 2009

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Booo. Dick Cheney. He’s Darth Vader. Well, I just saw him on John King and you know what? I realized something: I always liked Darth Vader. I can’t help it. I don’t get the why’s of it, but I like Dick. Bush was a spoiled rich brat. He was a bully. But he was also a charmer. Most politician’s are. Dick’s not. Maybe that’s what I like: he’ s straight to a fault. Sure, he lies. But he’s straight as well. His lack of political insight, his inability to read the political winds, I view these as bonuses, not hinderances.

Don’t get me wrong: I hate his policies. But as a person, I think he’s, well, my kind of guy. He’s to the point, he doesn’t suffer fools (even if they really aren‘t fools… and they’re right). Plus he’s passionate. Passionate? Dick Cheney? Ok, let’s look at it like this: he applied himself full-force and insinuated his views into every facet of national security¬† since 9/11. The whole War on Terror fiasco was due to his misguided but very sincere regard for the safety of this country. It made him lie, it made him bully, but all to push forth policy that he felt would protect our interest. That’s what makes him dangerous. And passionate.

Now here’s a thought: imagine if he applied that passion to, say, cooking. Instead of dangerous, it would make him, well, a guy who thinks he knows how to make a great mushroom risotto. His friends may think otherwise. Even then, no one would¬† call him Darth Vader and no one would die or have their phones tapped.

Dick, I implore you, as a progressive who actually likes you as a person: give cooking a try.