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Yes, Tomatoes DO Have A Sense Of Humor… October 8, 2008

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…why else would they, at almost mid-october, produce fruit when they haven’t friggin’ produced squat most of the season!

Let me introduce, Exhibit One:

Defendant's Exhibit One


This is what the stupid plant looked like ever since it started to get flowers. One day, beautiful yellow flowers. The next day, burned leaves. I tried everything that a mother could, all to no avail. The only thing that I could do was trim off the bad leaves. It produced, but seemed to stop flowering too early.

Then, next thing you know…

Exhibit Two:



And, if that’s not bad enough, let me introduce you to the final exhibit, Exhibit Three:



So what gives? Spoiled little brats. I baby them all season, they don’t give a rats ass and now that they’re staring down the barrel of winter, they start producing. Probably thinking that I’ll coddle them. Which I will…