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Bizarro World March 17, 2009

Filed under: politics, boo — charbear @ 1:53 pm

Obama wants to talk to the Taliban. Bush invaded Iraq. Does anyone else notice the foreign affairs dyslexia of our two ideologies? Conservatives want to remove undemocratic regimes. Liberals believe in sovereignty. So in effect, liberals are willing to bargain with mass murders and thugs while conservatives are willing to kill our own people to nation build. Is it jut me, or does this not make sense, in regards to each groups thinking? Liberals are willing to prop up dictatorial regimes abroad while fighting for rights at home and conservatives are willing to squash freedom at home in order to export it.

Shouldn’t it be more like this: liberals fight for right abroad and at home; conservatives fight for sovereignty abroad and limitations at home? Get your shit straight, peoples.


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