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Fish Tin Oil: what to do? August 1, 2008

Hey you hep cats, I got a great idea for what to do with that oil from canned fish. Now, we all know (if you read Bottomfeeder) to stay away from the big T, tuna. But mackeral and sardines are the can-do fish for our troubling times. And if you care about flavor, you’re gettin’ these bad boys in oil. So what to do with the oil? Make a kick-ass salad dressing, that’s what. Here’s the trick: don’t use all fish oil. You gotta lighten it. For my dressing, I used the oil from fish in a sauce (pepper, cucumber — it’s some Portuguese sauce). One Tb of drained fish oil, 2 Tb olive oil and 1 Tb balsamic vinegar. Yumtastic! If you use plain drained fish oil, add some herbs. Or not. You the boss.


2 Responses to “Fish Tin Oil: what to do?”

  1. xmasbaby Says:

    Yum. That good. Again.

    I’m a little afraid of fish oil. But I’ll give this a shot…

  2. charbear Says:

    Wait- do NOT use fish oil like you get at the Health Food store. Gross. Especially the “spearmint” flavored one. What genius thought of that?!!?

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