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Oh Gerharts, We Hardly Knew Thee… July 31, 2008

Filed under: Bad local. Bad! Bad! — charbear @ 11:53 pm
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The place: Glenside.

The business: Gerharts Appliances.

The problem: they yell at you

Do I really need to explain anything more? Ok, ok — sure, there are times when a salesperson should yell.

  • he’s taken hostage
  • you kick him in the nuts (sorry, this a grown-up blog)
  • it’s a she and she’s giving birth

Other than that, no. There’s never a reason to yell at your customers. Especially when you effed up (ok, this moved from an adult to a 5th grade blog). Especially when said customer has already dumped thousands of dollars into your beautiful store. Oh, and it is beautiful, folks. I wish that I could say that it sucked. But it doesn’t. Gerharts carries great names, great selection and the best installers this side of Installer Land. But alas, they yell at you. Did I mention that we spent thousands of dollars there? And drove 40 minutes with $4 gas?


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