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Oh Gerharts, We Hardly Knew Thee… July 31, 2008

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The place: Glenside.

The business: Gerharts Appliances.

The problem: they yell at you

Do I really need to explain anything more? Ok, ok — sure, there are times when a salesperson should yell.

  • he’s taken hostage
  • you kick him in the nuts (sorry, this a grown-up blog)
  • it’s a she and she’s giving birth

Other than that, no. There’s never a reason to yell at your customers. Especially when you effed up (ok, this moved from an adult to a 5th grade blog). Especially when said customer has already dumped thousands of dollars into your beautiful store. Oh, and it is beautiful, folks. I wish that I could say that it sucked. But it doesn’t. Gerharts carries great names, great selection and the best installers this side of Installer Land. But alas, they yell at you. Did I mention that we spent thousands of dollars there? And drove 40 minutes with $4 gas?


Bears Goin’ Local!

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Just some background: Bears is the alter-ego of a very silly couple. Randy Bowes and Charlotte Markward become Randbear and Charbear and go about SMASHING things. Cuz that’s what bears do. That and eat locally.

This little ditty is about our travels and experiences trying to keep our food and dollars as local as possible. Oh, the towering highs! Oh the stunning lows! The soft, creamy middles! And the moldy parts that you left under your plate! All are covered here. You will not be amused. I gar-on-tee it!